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    Publications: Pass Part 3 Prompt Cards

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    Pass Part 3 Prompt Cards: About the Cards

    The Pass Part 3 Prompt Cards are a separate set of laminated A5 spiral bound cards to use during the Driving Instructor Training Part 3 exam. They are useful as a memory aid on the day and include the essential main points you will need to cover for each PST.

    Pass Part 3 Prompt Cards: A Review

    An Independent Review of 'Pass Part 3 Prompt Cards' written for the ADI News

    The A5 size matching prompt cards for 'A practical guide to passing your ADI Part 3 exam' are designed for in-car use. Spiral bound and completely laminated each page covers a single subject and all of the subjects (Phase 1 & 2) are presented in order as on the ADI 26/PT sheets. The prompt cards are designed to do just that - prompt. They consist of the same points which are presented in the book but are watered down to just headings and bullet points which should be all you need. Lynne hasn't tried to cram in too much information and the use of colour makes it easy to follow. A good practical aid and just the kind of prompt notes you would want for the Part 3 test. All you need now are a good set of diagrams.

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